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Bayou AC & Heating

The owner of this particular business told me that he had been working for somebody else his whole life and he was done.

He was ready to start his very own business instead.

Now this guy could sell ice to an Eskimo but nobody even knew about his brand new business, so he didn’t exactly have anyone to sell to.

So here was the game plan I used to start bringing in new business FAST!

With a service business like this, we want to make sure that anyone in the area looking for HVAC services would immediately find his business.

This, of course, started with building a website for him.


You can also visit the full website by clicking here!

After the website was built, we started to target different searches that people might use in the area like ‘madisonville LA hvac‘.

Now if you know anything about trying to get to the top of Google, it is a loooooong process.

Like 8-12 months of waiting for your business to start generating customers.

Well, if you’re a new business, waiting 8-12 months to start getting customers just ain’t gonna fly.

Luckily, there’s a nifty little trick that I use to get businesses on the first page of Google, not in months, but weeks!

2 weeks to be exact!

That’s how long it took for Bayou AC to pop up in the Google Maps Listing and start generating customers on autopilot.

By simply getting in one of the top 3 positions on the Google Maps Listing I was able to start generating new business for Bayou AC in no time flat.

And check it out.

Anytime somebody looks for ac repair in his area. 

His business pops up!

The only other plan of action was to generate more 5-star reviews and provide an exceptional service that got people talking.

And the best part is that when you do this right, people don’t just search for generic HVAC service near them.

They start to search the name of the business!

Which is exactly what has happened with Bayou AC.

In the small town of Madisonville, Louisiana, with a population of 871 people, about 40 people every month go looking for Bayou AC directly.

And when people start to search for your business by name, you’re already a step ahead of the competition.

Now you’re playing in a category of ONE.

All you’ve gotta do is be right there when they come looking for you.

So I made sure that we dominated the first page of Google whenever someone comes looking for ‘Bayou AC‘.

And that’s it!

That’s marketing done right.

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