Rise of the underdog

A real life David & Goliath business story. Let me show you how a small business can dominate larger competition.

Desert FAmily Vision Center


Their eye care clinic had been in business for a long time and were used to doing business that way.

Which meant they didn’t have a website or any online presence because they built their business on good old-fashioned word of mouth.

But over the years as more competition started to move in, business began to slow.

People started to use the internet to find their doctor and this clinic was nowhere to be found, meaning business was going elsewhere.


The remedy?

A stellar online presence to make them the first choice the next time someone looks for eye care.

Here is exactly how you take care of that.

First up, a new website!

So when people came a-lookin for a new eye doctor in town, they would find it.


But here’s where we really seal the deal.

It’s not enough just to have a good website.

If no one can find it in the seemingly infinite world wide web, then it’s really no use to you.

What we really wanted was anytime somebody would search ‘eye doctor near me’ or ‘eye doctor safford,’ we wanted his office to be the very first one to show up.

Side Note: When you are above your competition on the Google searches, it adds authority and trust in the eyes of the prospect, making them more likely to choose you rather than your competition.

The main issue was that there was one particularly large corporate competitor who had moved into town and was taking most of the business since they were currently at the top of the Google searches.

But GOLIATH was meant to be toppled.

And that’s just what we did.

We were able to get the business ranked above EVERY other office in the market.

First in the Google Maps Listings.

First in the Google Organic search.

And 4 times TOTAL on the first page of Google.

Meaning 4X MORE chances for a prospect to choose your business!

Now that the office is ranked on the first page above all other competitors, it consistently receives over 90 CALLS on average EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

That’s not including all of the new website inquiries, automated appointments, and social media messages that also started flooding their business.

The best part about marketing a business this way is that once you’re done, that’s it!

You have an endless flow of customers who’ll continually find you on Google and choose YOU as their new favorite place of business.

Since I ran this strategy for the office, they’ve been able to hire two new associate doctors, completely remodel the business…

and build a second office up in the mountains,

where we ran the exact same marketing strategy and built up the clientele for the new practice.

Here’s the homepage for the new business that I built.

This same exact strategy works whether you’re in a big city or a small town.

The only place in town or one of hundreds.

Want to run this same game plan for your business?

Let’s chat.

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