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FAmilies Fighting cancer together

FFCT has a big mission.

They are a non profit cancer foundation that provides aid to families who have kids that have been diagnosed with life altering pediatric illnesses.

Their main goal when they came to me was to build a website that highlighted their mission, accept online donations, promote fundraisers, and showcase all of the activities and projects they use the funds for.

Another big goal was to make a website that would catch the eye of large companies and grant organizations so the foundation could be considered for sizeable donations.

So let’s get to it!

Here’s the homepage of the website I built for them.

Check out the full website by clicking here!

I also added a page to highlight the stories of the kids that the foundation was helping. 

The next piece was adding a page where people could donate complete online.

And soon enough, people started to donate!

With each fundraiser and event that the foundation put on, it started to gain more and more traction. 

Pretty soon the foundation began to receive large grants from companies in the area.

And started making local news headlines!

Businesses big and small need to have a solid online presence to not only attract potential customers, but also show that they are a business you can trust. 

I don’t know about you, but if something feels off about a website there is no way in HECK that I’m giving them my information.

You website really should work just as hard as you do at promoting your business.

And that’s exactly what we’ve been able to pull off with this one.

The foundation now receives a steady flow of new donations and grants to fund new projects to help local families with kids who have been diagnosed with pediatric illnesses.

Mission accomplished.

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