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The next David Blaine? Nope. It wasn’t a magic trick, but we were able to multiply money on demand for this health clinic.

Goodman healthcare

The Problem:

They had just purchased a new Lipo Laser machine that they wanted to add as a new offering for patients, except it really wasn’t bringing in much money for the business as they had original hoped it would.


Here is exactly what I did to trigger a buying frenzy like it was Black Friday at Walmart.

With this new machine they had, they were able to melt inches of fat off of anyone.

All they had to do was come in for a quick 15-minute nap on the bed while the lipo laser did its job.

So I started with a simple Facebook ad to get the word out.

I used an element of scarcity in the ad telling people there were only 30 spots available so they had to act fast.

With our ad, we targeted women within a 50-mile radius of the health clinic.

After people clicked on the ad, they were taken to a page where we would collect their information and follow up with them.

But here’s the GOLDEN TICKET that turned all those clicks into cold hard cash.

After people entered their information they hit this thank you page.

Here we would increase the urgency and tell people to call RIGHT NOW to schedule before all the spots are gone.

And this is a special phone number that would forward straight to the office so we would be able to tell exactly when someone was calling from this specific ad.

All that was left was to launch the ad and we were live.

So with the click of a button, the ad went live and it was like magic…

Almost instantly, we got a notification.


A new text message.

“You have a new FB lead!”

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Pretty soon I got a text from the office manager.

“Walker, are you seeing this?!”

Then came the phone calls.

Non-stop calls from people who had seen the ad and wanted to book their appointment before someone else did.

The secretaries up front had a hard time even keeping up with all of the new calls that were coming in.

And in just three short weeks, we had a MONSTER list of new leads for the business.

In the end, we spent a grand total of $357.19 to run the ad.

We generated 127 leads.

61 phone calls.

And over $6,000!

Meaning the business made $16.79 for every single DOLLAR that was used to run the ad.

These new leads could then be sold other high ticket offers in the clinic, resulting in more revenue for the business as well.

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