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Meridian Roofing & Exteriors

Meridian Roofing & Exteriors came to me with one BIG problem.

They had just landed a big roofing deal that was going to be huge for them!

All was well until the customer called just a few days later and said that they tried to research them online but couldn’t find their business anywhere.

Thinking that the business wasn’t legit and that they weren’t a real roofing company, the customer CANCELLED¬†on them!

They lost a massive deal all because they didn’t have a reputable online presence that created trust and authority with prospective customers.

So I got to work right away.

Here’s the website I built for them ASAP before they missed out on another deal.

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And within 2 weeks I was able to have Meridian Exteriors in the number one position anytime someone searched for the business. 

Reassuring any new customers who wanted to do their due diligence, that this was a roofing company that could be trusted.

And just like that, they’ve got a rock solid foundation to make sure they never lose another deal again.

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