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White Mountain Chorale

The White Mountain Chorale is a new music business that wanted  a website where they could post free music lessons that people could learn from. They also created a new youth choir and wanted to offer private music lessons as well.

This meant they needed to be able to collect student registrations, follow up with people automatically, and be able to send out automatic invoices when the time came along.

First they needed a website that would highlight the directors expertise and allow people to easily register for choir or private lessons.

Here’s the homepage of the new website I built for them!

You can check out the full website by clicking here!

I also created a custom form that would collect all of the necessary information required for each registrant.

Once someone registers, they get an automatic email confirming their registration and the business owner gets one too letting them know they’ve got a new registrant! 

All this information gets put into our easy to use custom software that keeps track of all of the new leads and customers for the business.

Making your marketing a cinch!

With a rockin’ new website and a master software that handles contact info, inquires, appointments, payments, reviews, and much more, this new business is ready to bring music to the White Mountains.

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