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Check out how we transformed this historical Route 66 icon into a profit reaping digital juggernaut.

The Wigwam Motel

The Problem:

They had an old outdated website and they wanted to allow people to be able to book online to hopefully increase profits.


So here’s what I did.

First things first, they needed an awesome new website that would make people think, “Holy crap, I have to check this place out!”

A website is the foundation of any good marketing strategy.

I mean it’s your homebase and this is one of the first stops that people make when they are trying to decide whether to do business with you or not.

So it’s gotta look the part!

First impressions are EVERYTHING.

Here’s the original website.

And when people wanted to book a room at the Wigwams they would need to call between 3pm-9pm or email the front desk in order to stay at the motel.

Not exactly an easy process.

Especially if you’re a Route 66 traveling foreigner trying to plan ahead of time.

A couple other issues this caused is that the phone would ring NON-STOP.

Which is great!

Except this means you need someone to take all these phone calls which equals more staffing costs and less profit.

Plus all of the missed calls or calls they couldn’t take if it was outside of business hours.

Missed Calls = Missed Sales Opportunities

Now here’s the new website, complete with automated online booking.

Now that the automated booking system is in place, phone calls have significantly decreased while bookings have actually increased!

More Bookings = More Profit

Less Staffing Costs = More Profit

A double win.

But there was actually a 3rd strategy I used to DOUBLE the amount of traffic the Wigwam Motel was getting.

It’s a little thing called SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

With a little expert diagnosis I was able to see that there are almost 10,000 people searching Wigwam Motel on Google every month.

Except with the old website, the Wigwam Motel wasn’t even on the first page.

Making it almost impossible for people to find the website and even more difficult to book a stay.

Less Bookings = Less Profit

After seeing this huge opportunity for growth, I optimized the new website so that it would be the very first Google search result that popped up (after those pesky ads of course).

This brought the monthly visits to their new highly converting website from 3689 to 7614.

A 206% increase in website traffic from Jan 2023 to Jan 2024 after I was able to rank it in the #1 spot.

More Website Traffic = More Bookings

More Bookings = More Profit

Just look at this PACKED calendar resulting in a flood of new sales!

But just how much sales are we talking?

Well after the first full month of launching the online booking system we were able to generate over $58K on autopilot.

The best part is, with a little automation, a fresh website, and a coveted spot at the top of the Google search, their marketing and sales process has become fully automated.

Meaning less work for the business owner, the employees, and more profit in their pockets every single month like clockwork.

And just like that, the marketing for your small business is complete. 

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